Friday, October 14, 2005

Why you sometimes want to beat your little darlings to death with a stick

I was in the cats' office, making everything nice. As they sat there, side by side, watching me, I made sure that the water and kibble dispensers were full. And then I went to change the litterbox.

And they sat there side by side, watching me.

This is a chore that no one enjoys; it is the major downside of having cats. I have one of those automatic LitterMaid© boxes, so that I only have to change the disposable plastic liner every four or five days, and it's the work of a few minutes. I still hate it, because I have bad arthritis in my knees--but anything for my beloved pets. I changed the liner, and spent some time getting the amount of litter exactly right; too much, and the automatic sensor keeps going off, so the rake keeps on raking. Too little, and it doesn't provide sufficient comfort for their little behinds.

And they sat there side by side, watching me.

Then I turned to get the Renuzit spray for the carpet, so they wouldn't be tempted to crap on the rug.

And when I turned back, Aliera had crapped on the rug.


KathyK said...

She was just letting you know that you haven't quite got it right yet. And the promptness was somewhat lacking. They Do Have Their Standards, you know. (Stupid bipedal slaves are almost impossible to train properly)

marcy said...

I certainly know about THAT!!!! My ex has our little darling so completel spoiled that she won't deign to use the litter box.
I wonder who cleans up after her since I have moved out.

Kats said...

LMAO! You are not supposed to cover up that lovely aroma they deposit on the stinky, chemical smelling carpet!

Have you thought about trying to put their litter boxes on a table to avoid the bending?

If the box at my house needs attention, the youngest cat will use the bathtub. My DH thought about getting mad until I pointed out how easy it was to clean. *bg*