Monday, October 03, 2005


So this is a blog

Everyone else I know seems to have one, so why not me? Or possibly I?

According to my friend and neighbor Bruce, who introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, "It's not a blog unless you post pictures of your cats."

According to romance novelist and blogger extraordinaire Jennifer Crusie, in advice given to romance novelist and novice blogger Jayne Ann Krentz, to blog really well. you need
a victim. (Jenny has a guy named Bob.)

So, in the spirit of synthesis, I'm going to make my cats my blogging victims. (I'll also post pics, once I learn how.)

I have two cats, sisters (or possibly half-sisters; they don't look much alike and I think their mother got around), half Siamese ("meezer") and half passersby. Sethra is the fluffy one who gives this blog its title: she is a typical romance heroine--beautiful, intrepid, and thick as two planks. She is also known as Fluffbucket, Fluff, Seth, and GET DOWN FROM THERE!

Her sister Aliera (the names are from Steven Brust's Dragaera novels, which I highly recommend) is also known as TubeCat (because she is round, firm, and fully packed), "you rotten meezer," and STOP BITING! Both were very pale at birth but have darkened with age (they are now about two years old) to a sort of cappuccino color. Sethra has Siamese/Ragdoll-type markings--black mask, ears, tail, and legs, but with a white nose and feet. Aliera is stripey, with white spats. And sharp teeth. Many, many teeth.

I adopted them as kittens from a local rescue organization, after the tragic death of my first kitten, Lilith. I will probably write about her later; she was my first very own cat, and she was perfect.

Before I moved to my present house, I was staying for some time with my best friend Hilde (wife to Bruce the blogger) and their other housemates, who had a total of five cats for starters. Some have left (along with a housemate) and more have been added: their household now includes Tia (the wimp), Gremlin (the bastard lilac-point Siamese), Bastet (who looks like a better-groomed version of Steinlen's Le chat noir poster), Shadow (The Most Dangerous Cat in Glendale), and Cassie, the unwed mother. If I ever run out of material about my two, I'm sure they will provide me with more. If Bruce doesn't use it first.

Well, this is just to get me started. More to come eventually.


Teresa said...

Welcome to blogging! You do realize that there is a "Carnival of the Cats" out there. Once you start posting pictures, you can enter them in the Carnival and kitty lovers everywhere will see them. I'll have to find the link and send it to you.

I hope you enjoy blogging - it really is fun!

marcy said...

WOWZERS!!!! I will have to read and comment on your blog-good for you. Oops-I'm not supposed to be online tonight. I wanna see your cats.

KathyK said...

Good job, Tal! But where are the pictures???

I had to smile sadly at your comment about technology becoming obsolete the moment you adopt it. I'm there too. We finally got a CD player about 2 years ago. I'm sure we were the last ones in the USA to get one. And having lived *somehow* without cable or satellite for all the years we've been married, once the kids were gone from home we purchased a HDTV and satellite dish. (The kids are so mad at us). I'm sure they will come up with something bigger and better now that we've invested in the system.

Patricia Harrington said...

FluffyCatBabylon, what a great title. Had fun reading about the kitties, including the "loosely moraled" ones. I have three kitties all rescued--actually they were strays, looking for a good home. One of them, a tortie that I named Pretty Girl vetted me out for about two months--seemed feral, and would never let me approach her. I left food out and left her along. One day I left the back door open. When I returned from outside, I found Pretty Girl asleep under my coffee table. She had decided to adopt me and moved in.

Am waiting to see your pix, I bet they'll be good one.

And good for you for blogging and being technologically current!


Ivi said...

I'll sure be glad to read all about your cats and you! Way to go tal!!

Tery Robertson said...

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unixlinux said...

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Kats said...

I didn't realize that I've been out of touch for so long, your kittens are 2!

I loved reading about your cats, I'm up to 4 now and my girls keep wanting to adopt more.

I'm so glad I found your blog, I love your writing.