Friday, December 16, 2005

Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

Lighting of community Christmas trees, carols in the mall, chestnuts roasting….

And Sethra is stealing ribbons again.

I am really lousy at gift-wrapping, so I buy as much pre-prepared Christmas packaging as possible—ready-tied stick-on bows, ready-to-assemble gift boxes, and stretchy-loop ribbons.

Sethra LOVES the stretchy-loop ribbons. For some reason, she is absolutely addicted to them. When I had them put away in a cardboard carton on the top shelf of the closet, she’d climb up the bookshelf, clamber onto the carton, fish one out, and carry her prize around the house till she’d finally gnawed it into pieces too small and insignificant to be worthy of being cat toys. And of course, once they are out on the desk, and wrapping begins, it’s open season on everything in the way of small decorations.

I have a bunch of packages of small stick-on bows that I got by mail order, and I put the box on my desk. I had another box on top of it, hoping to block attempted feline felonious abductions. When I came back into the office this evening, I found a trail of packets of bows in the living room and down the hall—fortunately, she hadn’t managed to open them.

Last Christmas, I was online when I suddenly noticed a suspicious silence from the cat. I looked over and saw that Sethra had a gold stretchy loop in her jaws. This really annoyed me, because the gold ones are MY favorites too—they go with every color of giftwrap—and it was the last one. So I grabbed for it and pulled.

Sethra pulled back.

I kept pulling.

She kept pulling, even as she began to slide backwards off the side of the desk as the loop stretched.

She pulled. I pulled. Finally, as she descended slowly down the side of the desk, she let go, and I triumphantly claimed the stretchy loop, more than a little the worse for wear.

Of course, she totally ignored the catnip toy I got her as a Christmas gift. What’s the fun in playing with something you are SUPPOSED to play with?

Gentle readers, what are you giving your cats for Christmas? Mine are getting this.

Words of Wisdom:

The motto of all the mongoose family is, ‘Run and find out.’ ---Rudyard Kipling

The motto of all the domestic cat family is ‘I’ll have what you’re having.’ –--Me

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and successful New Year.
---Mole and Meezers


KathyK said...

That looks like a cool present for the meezers. We have similar problems with things getting chewed, but at our house, it's more the cats who get up on the dresser and knock things onto the floor so that the dogs can chew them. Our poodle puppy also has an unfortunate weakness for $200 shoes. She doesn't seem to be able to discriminate bewtween shoes and leather chew bones.

I hope that all the members of your family have a wonderful season of joy and another year of good health and happiness.

Teresa said...

LOL - you should just buy them their very own bags of stretch ribbon loops.

Merry Christmas to you all. May you get the gifts wrapped with the help of the meezers. *grin*