Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still Alive Here

I keep meaning to post, but life intervenes. I haven't figured out how to post pics, but here's a couple of links to the fluffy cat, Sethra:
This one is called "The part of the Mad Monk Rasputin will be played by a small fluffy cat":


writtenwyrdd said...

kitty pictures. How lovely! (Except Sethra looks a bit evil, in particular with the excelsior(?) 'beard')

You should have an icon that's got what appears to be a picture of a picture. Click on that and go to "open" the picture file on your computer. Then tell blogger to upload it.

I imagine if that doesn't work you have some firewall or security issues on your end.

talpianna said...

Thanks for the info. I found the link. Does it only work for My Pictures, or can you upload from Flickr, too?

Well, if you're playing Rasputin, you are supposed to look evil, right?

The beard started life as nice neat strands of raffia, one of several interchangeable attachments to a fishing rod toy. She abducted it from the package and, as she likes to do with her favorite toys, carried it around with her everywhere--usually hoping for a game of toss-and-retrieve. Her current favorite is a fluffy dangling thing, so she looks like a cat with a tail at each end.

Checked your profile, looking for an e-mail address, but no luck. Did see that WITCHES OF KARRES is one of your favorite books--mine, too. Have you read the sequel? I have it on my TBR tectonic plate.

Have you read the ultimate mole fantasy, DUNCTON WOOD by William Horwood?

Bevie said...

Great pictures. Will you use this for Sethra's "Kitten of the Month" picture? She's up in May, I believe.

writtenwyrdd said...

both the old blog and typepad blog have an email link in the top corner. However it's writtenwyrdd at earthlink dot net.

I did read the karres sequel, and I thought they remained very true to the voice of the original.

For uploading, you have to download a photo to yoru box in order to upload it, I believe.

writtenwyrdd said...

box = computer.

talpianna said...

Thanks for the info, WW. I've been really ill for some time, but am finally better and hope to be posting more.

Deborah Misfit said...

Very nice to meet you - I'm chatting with the author of The Merry Maines and we'll be in touch. Thanks so much for your comment and I am thrilled you liked the book. She is almost finished with her next one and I believe has a contract in place for it - but.....I'll let you know about the outcome of our conversation!