Monday, May 01, 2006

Is My Cat Really an

Is My Cat Really an Alien?

I am getting very suspicious of Aliera.

She has been tearing around the house in what I consider a sinister manner, because there is no apparent reason for it. No catnip, no substance abuse of any kind, no stimulating activities. She’s gone from a typical cat who sleeps for 22 hours a day to a small tornado running an indoor marathon. And she keeps biting me.

I think she’s taking samples.

Sethra’s collar has somehow disappeared, too. I originally thought that she got it caught in the blinds, which she gets hung up in on a regular basis; but now I’m wondering if Aliera has sent it back to the mother ship for analysis and replication, so that the hordes of little furry aliens planning to invade us will have perfect disguises as ordinary house cats.

I’m not sure what they want, exactly, but it’s not Friskies Ocean Fish with Salmon Paté, that’s for sure. I got a batch of this flavor (or rather Michele, who was shopping for me, got them) because a vet on one of my forums said salmon was a very good food for cats; but I forgot that they’d earlier shown disdain for the paté-style cat food, and apparently that was the only one she found that had salmon. With each succeeding offering they’ve eaten less and less of it, and last night they simply turned up their noses without taking a single bite.

Maybe I’m onto something here. Remember Anthony Boucher’s short story “Nine-Finger Jack”? The narrator found he was married to an alien, an advance scout for an invasion force, and there was only one substance that could destroy them….

Literary note: Bruce and I went to Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer’s book signing for their new collaboration, Don’t Look Down. Bruce wrote a bit about it in his blog. (Hilde didn’t feel like coming.) I was a bit frustrated because my copy of the book hadn’t arrived yet, but I printed out a copy of the ad for the book for them to sign, and will paste it into the book. I have now read it, and can recommend it. A surprisingly high number of people on have given it bad reviews, and I’m not sure why. The book does have flaws, but I’ve read so many MUCH worse novels that I can easily overlook them; on the other hand, its virtues—wit, good dialogue, very likeable characters, lots of action—make it a definite keeper for me. Crusie writes the female PoV and Mayer the male, and they blend together seamlessly IMHO. She’s a director called in to film the end of a movie after the previous director dropped dead; he’s a Green Beret on leave hired on as advisor and stunt double by the clueless male star. Then we get stolen pre-Columbian jade phalluses, the CIA, multiple treacheries, a precocious five-year-old, and a one-eyed alligator who doesn’t know that eating people is wrong, and the fun just never stops.

Summer in Arizona is here. It was 99 degrees today, and is due to hit triple digits tomorrow. My furnace is dead and my A/C and swamp cooler are both in a state of desuetude, so I’m due to spend a fortune replacing the whole schmeer.

And the season for letting cats sleep on top of me—especially the fluffy one—is definitely over.


KathyK said...

We had a similar experience with one of our Siamese. We had been feeding a pouch og semi=moist food and decidedit was too expensive. We found a box of dry Friskies and put it in her bowl, thinking that if she got hungry enough, she would eat it. For 3 days it sat there untouched. On the fourth day she waited until we were looking at her, then hit the bowl with her paw, scattering the food all over the kitchen floor. We gave in and got her some more "tender vittles". That was the last time we tried to feed her anything else. She had a "L'oreal attitude" (I'm worth it!)

re: Jennifer Cruisie, my DH and I listened to one of her books on audio while we were driving to and from Florida this weekend. It started out pretty formulaic but ended up good. He liked it by the end. In general, I like her books well enough to read once, but not as a keeper.

dee said...

Nice blog. Your cat stories had me rolling on the floor. I'm a dog person myself, but I can understand the allure. I want to have cats when the kids are all gone! Right now though, I'm just too in love with Hershey, my shih-tzu, to even think feline.

I really enjoy your comments over at . Unlike the other person that posted a comment, I love Jenny's stuff. DLD was pretty terrific. Yes, it had its quirks, but it was an overall vey enjoyable read.

Scope Dope Cherrybomb said...

Dear Talpianna:

Are you sure you are not 205yo? You are so wise. I love the things you come up with on the crusie/mayer blog and all that information.

This is a good blog. I really liked the cat stories. I have a dog and a cat. The cat, although the latecomer to the family, thinks she rules the roost. If the dog barks when someone comes to the door the cat jumps on her back and beats on her.

Don't stop blogging. This blog idea will not run out by Tuesday. We cherrybombs won't let it. As Jenny said we are self-directed.

See you on the other blog.